Park Tavern’s menu is much like its atmosphere – all over the board

Park Tavern’s menu is much like its atmosphere—all over the board.
While modern menus try to have a good sampling of dishes, Park’s variety is over the top. Here you get grilled Antarctic salmon, sweet corn agnolotti, spiced duck breast, sh and chips, Maine lobster roll, prime rib, enormous burgers, oysters, cauli ower fried rice, Italian bur- rata, Maryland crab cake, Ahi tuna tartare and a whole passel more.
There’s also a crazy-busy bar, es- pecially during happy hour. Every-one is smiling. The high-top seating is full of the very young to the fairly old, which is not something seen in most bars. Service is excellent. The food is fresh, creative and emerges from the kitchen quickly.

The generous sh and chips, for example, have a light tempura batter around the tender northern Atlantic cod. The mahi-mahi soft tacos also had tempura batter, and the excellent, light slaw carried slight heat from the tomatillo sauce and chipotle mayo. Burgers passed us by the dozens—there
are six kinds, including veggie and turkey options.

It is noisy inside (outside tables are quieter), but a conversation can still be had. In the dining room, TVs line one wall, and the games are re ected in mirrors on the op- posite wall. It’s a bustling choreog- raphy, where people-watching is as interesting as the menu.
Open since 2012, Park Tavern is owned by the same group that runs popular El Camino and Cut 432 restaurants. It’s clear their vision is working here, too.

By: Lynn Kalber