Best Mexican – El Camino

Two things we know for fact are 1) Taco Tuesdays make the world a better (and tastier) place, 2) El Camino has one of the most authentic Mexican food experiences around.

Translating directly to “the path,” El Camino will pave the way to satisfying any and all perpetual margarita and enchilada cravings through its urban art-inspired eatery.

“ I believe what makes El Camino what it is is the passion and love we put into what we do,” says executive chef Victor Meneses. “In the El Camino kitchen we put love and passion into our food. We really welcome our guests – it’s the culture. Every guest who comes to El Camino is coming to my house.”

Meneses is from Mexico but trained in French culinary, so he takes his learned techniques
and mixes them with Mexican ingredients. From quesadillas and enchiladas to tacos and burritos, any south-of-the border staple can be found at El Camino. Don’t forget the three superior add-ons to its $2 taco Tuesday deal: hand-crafted margaritas, craft beers and a curated selection of more than 400 various tequilas. With its energetic vibe and homestyle meals, there’s no surprise El Camino has become a Fort Lauderdale front-runner in less than a year of existence.


817 E. Las Olas Blvd.
Fort Lauderdale